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IN SHORT:  Outarte is conceived, realized and produced by Claudio Parrini (www.parrini.net). Outarte is a meeting place, an observatory and a shop dedicated to contemporary artworks focused on outsider, popular and folk art; unique, amazing and wonderful objects; books very hard to find and curious

IN DEPTH: Outarte comes and born from old and current interests and studies of Claudio Parrini for the popular painting and all other forms of expression and communication minoritary and outsider: from the anonymus painting to low technologies such as Linux software. Inside Outarte you will find paintings, drawings and prints by self-taught or masters; sculptures from the world of outsider art, grotesque, strange and original objects; popular books, books for children. rare manuals of various categories and topics,  theoretical texts about art. These keywords and essential definitions join Outarte: outsider, pittura minoritaria, arte da trattoria, border-line, bambocciante, art brut, bric-a-brac, pittori ambulanti, vernacular art, ex-voto, bricolage, naif, visionary, art therapy, pittura popolare, ignorant, folk-art, intuitive, mistici, self-taught, di genere, neo-primitive, clandestine, aconceptual, nonsense...

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